Our Game

I do not get the majority of the tourist football fans.

Why come to our game, to experience the game and its atmosphere and not immerse yourself in it?

Instead, you come to our game,

Our ground,

You pull your big selfie stick out your arse,

You get that picture with your ‘top lad’.

How about when you’re going to a game in another country, you put that selfie stick back down,

How about enjoying the game,

How about clapping, singing and bouncing along with other people,

You don’t have to understand what’s going on,

Believe it or not, that’s where the fun lies.

Try it.

If tourists insist on coming to our game,

Fuck your selfie sitcks.

Immerse yourself.

It might not be ideal for you,

But it’s not your game,

It’s ours.

But, please, for the sake of our fan culture, just do it.

Tourists seem to do their best to kill our game, I beg you, the tourists,

If you feel the ‘need’ to come and contaminate our game when you’re here,


Please immerse yourself,

Fuck your selfie sticks,

Fuck your facebook likes,

This is football,

And it’s ours.