The Art of Choice

Choice is a strange concept. Some people more or less do and choose what they want whilst others remain almost trapped inside themselves, too scared to make a choice in their lives. Be it an everyday simple choice or a major decision which could influence and trigger many things in the future.

It’s pretty safe to say that there is a certain confidence in being able to make decisions and choices; but not the same ‘confidence’ that may be used in other aspects of life and what the majority of people associate with the meaning and attitude of ‘confidence’.

You may have so many ideas and plans in life but these mean absolutely nothing unless you make the choice to go forward with you dreams and ideas; however crazy they may be.

So, just make that choice, that decision, act on that crazy idea you’ve had; create another challenge to overcome, take that next step to maturity, create another story too tell.


The Art of Blaming Others

So, this may seem like a large jump away from my last blog post but hopefully by the end you will see how they intertwine with each other (just!).

Blaming is a strange concept, some people do it to push it further away from themselves, others may do it purely out of spite and many people just do it because they want something to talk about and with pointing blame comes gossip. Attitude is so important, especially in a society that moves as quickly as the one we find ourselves in today. It is too easy to get caught up in most things, ranging from media hype about how a D Class ‘celebrity’ spilt a drink down their dress that consequently was made by another ‘celebrity’ (shock! horror!). I guess for many people it is easier to point fingers, shift the blame, let others sort the problem out and sit back and watch the show. It could be something as trivial as walking into a room at work or home to find there is a drinks stain on the carpet. You might be tempted to send out a ‘blame search party’ to find the culprit but that’s not going to solve anything, the drink has been spilt, you can’t skip back in time (unless you have Bernards’ watch) so be pro active, I’m sure you have two minutes spare, so clean it up, get it done, problem solved, no fuss.

It seems extremely important for some people to be able to blame others to the point where they haven’t accomplished what they have set out to do if they don’t FIND THE BASTARD THAT SPILT THAT DRINK!! Some enjoy going even further and attempt to blame other people for things that have nothing to do with themselves, not only can this aggravate situations even further, being your very own personal Hercule Poirot will in the end achieve nothing but put stress on yourself.

The ‘Art of Blaming Others’ and gossip go hand in hand, as attempting to find someone to blame, creates meaningless conversation containing details that may not be true. Is that not what gossip is? Some people take it to the extremes and revolve their own lives around attempting to point the blame and creating gossip out of this. I imagine a scenario where someone is drowning in a river, passers-by dive in, not to save the person but to ask them what happened, how it happened and who did this, just so they can go home at the end of the day, spend hours gossiping about it to their friends and family, safe in the knowledge that they know who was to blame for this next drama, they’ve attempted to associate themselves with.

So, just look at things with a different attitude, focus on your own life for a while, better yourself, overcome those personal challenges you have set yourself, take another step towards maturity, create your own story to tell.